Students at Work

sarah flies 3

In 2012, we had the great pleasure of seeing a number of recent Conservatory students and alumni join the ranks of other alumni already working with a wide variety of companies and choreographers. We’re proud of their work and delighted to see them taking on the professional realm.

  • Josianne Fleming and Sarah Woods joined San Francisco’s LEVYdance, directed by Benjamin Levy. You can catch a glimpse of their recent work in this video.
  • Sarah Lyman joined Ate9, directed by Danielle Agami, for the company’s residency in Los Angeles.
  • Madison Hoke and Andrea Thompson performed as members of Zhukov Dance Theatre for the world premiere of Yuri Zhukov’s Coin/c/dance. You can see excerpts of the piece here.
  • Maggie Stack joined San Francisco’s ODC/Dance, directed by Brenda Way, KT Nelson, and Kimi Okada.
  • Shannon Leypoldt joined San Francisco’s FACT/SF, directed by Charles Slender.
  • Andrea Thompson, Josianne Fleming, and Sarah Woods performed in Low Down, an Izzie Award-nominated collaboration between The Foundry and LEVYdance. You can see excerpts here.
  • Deanna Gooding performed in The Nutcracker with Oakland Ballet, directed by Graham Lustig.

Students and alumni also participated in work with the Conservatory’s four resident companiesThe Foundry, Project Thrust, burns-work, and Sharp & Fine. In 2012, SFCD dancers collaborated on three world premieres created by these companies.

  • Sarah Woods performed with The Foundry in Alex Ketley’s No Hero. Excerpts from the video projection used in the piece here.
  • Carson Stein, Josianne Fleming, Kelvin Vu, and Sarah Lyman performed with Sharp & Fine in A Thousand Natural Shocks by Megan and Shannon Kurashige. You can see an excerpt from the piece here.
  • Emmaly Wiederholt, Joy Prendergast, Julia Hollas, and Madelyn Biven performed with Project Thrust in Malinda LaVelle’s Urge. Video excerpts from the piece here.

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